What I intend to do is to explain Internet Security and Protecting from Cyber Attacks.What is

İnternet security?Before I explain to my subject,we will watch a short video.
You can protect your computer from harmful contents.Internet security means to make harmful

contents inneffective in web pages.You can define different security levels in your internet browser.

Thanks to this,you can download without problem.

I’m going to deal with three aspects of the subject.First,what is internet security?One minute ago I defined.Second,Email Security and SPAM Mails.Lastly,what are cyber attacks?

Now,we return to internet security.How should we provide internet security?You can use a

Firewall program.Firewall can block undesirable web pages.
Some of security programs ; Zone Alarm Internet Security,F-Secure Internet Security,Kaspersky

Internet Security and ESET NOD 32 Internet Security etc.
I will define two programs.As for these,Kaspersky Internet Security and Zone Alarm Internet


Kaspersky Internet Security stops your pc or Notebook being slowed down by cybercriminals and

Protecting your files,music and photos from hackers :

Program Properties :

  • Keeps your Money and identity safe.
  • Protects against bank account fraud
  • Safeguards against online shopping threats
  • Safer Wi-Fi connections
  • Family protection from on-line predators

Now,I will explain Zone Alarm Internet Security

Unified Scan Engine : USE makes detection and removal of viruses,spyware,Trojan horses,worms etc.

Program Properties :

  • Kernel-Level Virus Prevention  : protects at the operation system level.
  • Scan Modes : provide customization options.

Yes,If you want,I can finish to internet security.Now,I will explain Email Security.If you use email adress,there are three problems in cyber world for you.Firs problem is Changeover.Changeover means,received or sent mails can be changed by other people.For example to order something from a large store.Second problem is Impersonate.The person may not be the person you think you are communicating.Hackers can steal your information through imitating.Third problem is SPAM.We always receive emails such as “If you send this mail to ten people,you earn lots of Money.” Or  “There are many insult to Atatürk on this page.” Etc. These emails aren’t real so these emails are called SPAM! Let me put another way SPAMs means that not real mails.
To protect our personel information from spam mails  :

Firstly,if you send mail to many people,you  should write people’s adresses in BCC (that is to say

“hidden”) column.What is BCC?BCC means Blind Carbon Copy, like CC means Carbon Copy.The

Personal adresses which are written aren’t seen by anyone at BCC but all mail adresses are seen

by everyone at CC.
Now,I’m going to talk about Cyber Attacks.I will start with keylogger.Keylogger is a key following program.Keyloggers can save your passwords in a secret file.This secret file can be used by bad intentioned people.In other cyber attack mail bomber.Mail bomber’s goal is very basic.It makes someone’s mail adresses either get full or to locked.With special programs can be sent thousands of mail to mail adresses by hackers.We can use Anti-Spam  programs to protect SPAM and junk mails.

Written By Emre KARABULUT

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